Ok folks, we have had nobody post anything or anything happen, so I am resetting CCM. We are getting a new website and a new name. I will post a link and name when the new site is running. It will be easier to find and less strange.

Name: Aqua Protectors

I will need everyone to rejoin, sorry about that. 😦


This is from my other blog, a club penguin help site

Slugbug's club penguin help site

Club penguin is having their annual igloo contest, and they are going to have a total of 43 winners. that’s not very many compared to the total number of penguins, so here are some tips from an avid igloo-er.

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Recruiting session

Hello everyone, since this army hasnt had very many members, we are going to have a recruiting session.

Recruiting session:
When: Thursday, December 6th
Server: Abominable
Where: Dock
Time: 7:00 Eastern, 4:00 Penguin/Pacific

All new members will be added to new member rooster under plankton and small fish until rank

I would like to see lots of people there, and if someone could take pictures, send them to the site in a post to 07lenluk, lozhellowho, or me.

Comment if you can come



Hi Guys!

I have noticed the shortage of members and I need to know if we are dead or not? I need to debate this on xat with SlugBug as I am not sure. I am not sure how much longer this army will last. I suggest it merges into my army which is getting popular and you guys will get any rank under mod i assure you. Comment below